Cantina nel mare Rosatum


Cantina nel mare

Type: Sparkling Rosé – Ancestral refermentation method

Structure: Delicate, with soft bubbles

Grape variety: Longanesi-Bursôn

Origin: Emilia Romagna

Rosé stands out from red wine, not only due to its more subtle colouration, but also its delicate and never overpowering after-taste. Ideal for fish-based dinners, where the taste of the sea mustn’t be overpowered by the wine, rosé is perfect for enhancing fresh, innovative and genuine dishes. Seafood experts know just how important it is to preserve all the flavours of the fish. Recipes are therefore designed to avoid over-contamination with spices or side dishes, and use cooking methods that keep the aromas of the sea intact. Rosé Brut Rosatum di Bursôn has a delicate, sweet after-taste that makes it perfect for fish dinners. Rosé Brut Rosatum di Bursôn is an excellent, refined product that can also be the star of aperitifs, elegant cocktail parties, and exclusive happy hours. From Ravenna, this Rosé Brut of the Bursôn variety is a unique interpretation of tradition. A tribute to the specialities of the Italian region of Romagna.

Cantina nel mare – The cellar under the sea

We decided to create a very short and exclusive supply chain by selecting native Romagna and ancient, almost extinct, vines, rediscovered and recovered by the Randi di Fusignano farm, near to Ravenna. After the wine has been bottled and the cork sealed with shellac, the bottles at stowed in armoured steel racks and lowered into the clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, four and a half miles off the coast of Cesenatico, by local fishermen. They are kept at such a depth to guarantee a constant temperature, almost absolute absence of light, and a higher pressure. These special conditions, together with the silence of the sea, and the ebb and flow of the sea currents, make the ageing environment totally irreproducible on land.

Le nostre bottiglie dopo 6 mesi di affinamento in fondo al mare si naturalizzano all’esterno ricoprendosi di molluschi ed organismi marini che creano un opera d’arte esclusivanaturale ed inimitabile creata dal mare!

Al loro interno conservano un vino che si è maturato nel gusto, nel colore e all’olfatto senza alterazioni esterne, l’affinamento subacqueo con l’armonico massaggio delle maree e il particolare microclima di poca luce, diversa pressione e temperatura costante oltre a che il silenzio gli conferiscono delle caratteristiche eccezionali di gusto profumo e durevolezza!

La cantina nel mare