Cantina nel mare

Type: Still red

Structure: Full-bodied

Grape variety: Longanesi-Bursôn

Origin: Emilia Romagna

Bursôn is a precious, sophisticated wine from the Longanesi vine, originating from the Ravenna area. With an official entry in the Register of Varieties now clearly distinguishing it from other grapes of similar colour and size, Bursôn is a wine of great quality, guaranteed by consortia that carefully protect its origin and production. Boasting ancient origins, it was reappraised during the early decades of the twentieth century, and, today, represents a native product that has been extremely well-received by sector entrepreneurs.

Cantina nel Mare’s particular ageing process applied to Rosso Corposo Atrum di Bursôn enhances the full-bodied flavour of this native wine of the region of Romagna. Recalling the typical wine tradition of Ravenna, this wine offers a veritable explosion of flavours. Strong yet dry, Rosso Corposo Atrum di Bursôn is perfect for accompanying fine meats, and its harmony of colour and fragrance exalts the typical dishes of local tradition.

Cantina nel mare – The cellar under the sea

We decided to create a very short and exclusive supply chain by selecting native Romagna and ancient, almost extinct, vines, rediscovered and recovered by the Randi di Fusignano farm, near to Ravenna. After the wine has been bottled and the cork sealed with shellac, the bottles at stowed in armoured steel racks and lowered into the clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, four and a half miles off the coast of Cesenatico, by local fishermen. They are kept at such a depth to guarantee a constant temperature, almost absolute absence of light, and a higher pressure. These special conditions, together with the silence of the sea, and the ebb and flow of the sea currents, make the ageing environment totally irreproducible on land.

After 6 months of being left to age at the bottom of the sea, the bottles take on a natural covering of molluscs and marine organisms that create an exclusive, natural and inimitable work of sea art!

Inside they preserve a wine that has matured exceptional qualities of taste, colour, aroma, and durability, thanks to an underwater refinement that owes its uniqueness to the delicate to-ing and fro-ing of the tides, and the darkness, silence, pressure, and constant temperature under the waves!

La cantina nel mare